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We require your trip to be paid in full at the time of the booking up to $200.  Groups over 15 must have a minimum of $200 down at the time of booking.

To speed up the check in process, print off the waiver and bring with you.  If the individual is under 18, print the waiver and have the guardian sign.  

608 Court Street

Thedford, NE 69166


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Thank you!

Waiver of Liability



Safety is our biggest concern for all who would like to take a trip with us.  There are a few rules and guidelines we would like you to follow to make your trip as enjoyable as possible.


1. No diving or jumping from the tank or tube.


2. No littering.


3. You are responsible for lost or damaged property.


4. You break, you buy.


5. You will need to sign a waiver of liability for each person before your trip.  Sign them ahead of time and bring them with you if you like.


6. There must be somebody over 18 years old on the trip.






1. Waterproof insect repellent and sunscreen

2. Coolers

3. Bring lots of water and snacks which can be purchased at Ewoldt's Grocery.


4. Water shoes/sandals.  Although the rivers have sand bottoms, there is the occasional underwater branch among other types of debris.


5. Leave your worries behind and just have fun.

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