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Sandhill River Trips is a river outfitting company that wants to share the beauty of the Sandhills with all.
 We are located about 15 miles from Halsey National Forest which is about an hour north of North Platte and an hour south of Valentine. 

We provide shuttle from Ewoldt's Grocery in Thedford and back at the end of your trip.  This pickup location allows for you to not have to worry about packing snacks and hauling them from your location.  Just bring a cooler and fill it at their fully stocked store.  Call ahead and they can have your order filled for you when you show up.

We look forward to meeting you and are excited to be considered in your vacation or get away trip.
Middle Loup River

The Middle Loup River is a nice, lazy river to take a float trip down.  This is an excellent trip if you are tanking for the first time. 

Deer and turkeys frequent the banks of the Middle Loup River, so be on the lookout for them.


Sandhills Scenery

You will find some of the most beautiful scenery you can imagine along with the most friendly, light hearted people you have ever met. 

As soon as you step out and breath the fresh air, you will know what the "good life" really is.

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